Property Management Services

The Need for Property Management

Just as Grossman Law, PLLC devotes great attention to detail in ensuring that our clients’ real estate transactions go smoothly, we also strive to minimize problems in their property ownership. Our desire to offer clients the same level of comfort and confidence in their ownership experience as they received in their real estate transaction led to the creation of our property management services through Grossman Property Management LLC.

int_property_managementEven when all is going well, the ownership of real estate requires a steady level of ongoing attention: mortgages, insurance, and other monthly fees need to be paid, properties need to be maintained, and so forth. When unusual circumstances arise, such as addressing tenants’ requests or when the need for minor or major repairs are required, the work involved in property ownership increases significantly. Without proper attention, real property issues may lead to potential loss, litigation, and liability.

At Grossman Property Management LLC we understand that our clients often require assistance in tending to the regular and extraordinary needs of their properties. Their valuable time is often spoken for by other ventures and obligations. Many are overseas, making it impossible for them to address property issues that require physical presence and personal contact.

It is essential that property owners in such circumstances have a local representative with whom they can trust the needs of their homes and investment properties.  Many clients, having come to trust Grossman Law, PLLC  implicitly through the process of their real estate transactions, request ongoing assistance in the management of their properties. We are honored to oblige, and endeavor to make the experience of property ownership as effortless and enjoyable as possible for our property management clients.

Property Management Services

At Grossman Property Management LLC we provide a variety of property management services for our clients, depending on their needs and the types of properties involved.  Our services include:

  • Maintenance of accounts for payment of property expenses
  • Payment of mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, co-op, condominium, and HOA fees
  • Collection of rent for investment properties
  • Facilitating appraisals
  • Reviewing lease agreements and other agreements relating to the property
  • Serving as a liaison to ensure that needed repairs and maintenance are performed
  • Other needed services on a case-by-case basis

We respect our clients’ time and resources, and we do everything in our power to conserve both. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we may be able to make your property ownership experience more enjoyable.