Residential Real Estate

Grossman Law, PLLC offers our clients the benefit of decades of experience in residential real estate practice. We serve clients in New York, throughout the United States, and internationally in the purchase and sale of residential real estate. The purchase of real estate, particularly in New York City and the surrounding areas, is a detailed and complex transaction. We assist our clients at every point in the process.

Due Diligence

int_real_estate_transactionsOnce an offer is made on a property, we begin the due diligence process; “due diligence” is a phrase we take quite literally. We carefully review regulatory documents, financial statements issued by co-op and condo boards, and even the monthly minutes of the boards. All of this is part of an effort to discern whether there are any concerns that should prevent the sale from going forward. Once we have carefully reviewed every piece of information, we prepare a detailed summary of the due diligence investigation for the client. If we, or the client, have any questions, we address those to the real estate agent and the building’s managing agent until they are resolved to the client’s satisfaction.  Grossman Law, PLLC also obtains title insurance policies on our clients’ properties.  Any issues that may be revealed during the title review process are resolved prior to closing so that our clients’ properties are conveyed both to our satisfaction and the satisfaction of our clients’ lender.

Contract Review

In New York, the seller’s attorney typically prepares the contract in residential real estate transactions. Since we represent many buyers, it is imperative that we review with extreme care the agreements by which our clients will be bound. At Grossman Law, PLLC, we never assume that something is a “standard contract.” Although we have decades of experience in preparing and reviewing real estate contracts, we examine each one as if it is the first we’ve ever seen. We closely review every document and contract that comes into our office. If changes are necessary, we negotiate them. Our clients are depending on us to be their eyes, and to be able to explain clearly and completely the obligations to which they are assenting.

Financing and Closing

We work with lenders on behalf of our clients, many of whom are overseas, to secure financing for the properties they are preparing to purchase. Because of the confidence our clients repose in us, they often grant Grossman Law, PLLC a power of attorney to execute the documents connected with obtaining their financing and those required at closing to facilitate every step of the transaction.

If our clients are able to be physically present, we attend the closing with them, making sure that all of the documents are consistent with those we have reviewed and explaining each one before signature. If, as often happens, our clients are not present, we exercise the same level of care in executing the documents on their behalf.

Our goal with every client is to make the purchase of real estate as seamless and worry-free as possible, so that they are able to be confident in both the process and the property. We welcome your inquiries as to how we can assist you with the purchase or sale of real estate in the New York area.